Come and join us at Women’s Circle

Connect with other women over a cuppa!

We all rush around so much these days and spend so much time on technology that we can miss out of connecting with others in the way we need and would like. Also sometimes when we go through a hard time others can’t or won’t listen in the way we need or are busy with their own lives.

A women’s circle is beneficial for well-being as it is a space for women to slow down, sit together and share stories about their lives. It is an simple, yet ancient and powerful ritual.
This group is small and intimate so its not intimidating or too ‘hippie’ like.You will feel relieved to unburden your worries and stressors, supported by the understanding of others and fascinated by the stories and honesty of the other group members.  This is a wonderful and unique experience. Please come and try it.
There is something so powerful about the simple act of having a group of people to sit in a circle. It is not recognised so much any more but this is where a lot of the magic of life happens. I see it in my groups and I also see it at home when I sit around my round table with my family. Just naturally because of they way people are seated in relation to act other sparks off a beautiful train of interaction with each member bouncing off each other. In generations past sitting at the table for meals was a formal, almost sacred affair and for good reason. It is so important we don’t forget this within our technological revolution.
Gather your loved ones around the table, or if you don’t have that, join a circle to experience the fulfillment and magic of human connection again xx.
This is hosted online via Zoom at 7pm AEDT on Thursday Evenings.
A medicare rebate of $22.00 is available with a mental health care plan.
PH: 0433 374 0031 or email me for more info:



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