Perfectionism Treatment Program

It’s a fact that a large proportion of women:

  • Repress their feelings, dreams and needs
  • Remain silent and bottle up distress
  • Put their own needs after everyone else’s
  • Believe they are not good enough
  • Cling to their comfort zone
  • Wear a mask that says all is well when things are really not.

Honor Newman specialises in helping women beat perfectionism, anxiety and isolation. Many women have unrealistically high expectations for them-selves, believe they are not good enough and wear a mask to hide their true distress.

By helping you to develop more realistic expectations of yourself, she can assist you to reduce anxiety and self -pressure. Tracing the roots of where your low self- esteem developed to help you separate these events from your true worth. Then you build confidence to drop their mask and be authentic in all situations.

“Authenticity is about the freedom to be yourself always”

The Methodology

In order to help you overcome barriers to a joyful confident existence Honor can take you through a process which includes:

  • Setting realistic expectations
  • Breaking unhelpful thought and behaviour patterns
  • Finding your voice and speaking up when you need to
  • Facing any fears or life challenges that are keeping you stuck
  • Understanding the nature of emotions and how to work with them
  • Discovering your true path in life

The program

From perfect to peace

  • 12 individual psychology sessions
  • Monthly group therapy called women’s circle sessions with a psychologist
  • 6 workbooks which address the most common 6 mistakes women make with their psychology and keep them stuck
  • Access to a journalling and messaging app that is shared with your therapist
  • A self help guide to overcoming perfectionism
  • Video calls for therapy sessions if you can’t make it in person
  • A relapse prevention plan
  • Medicare rebates with a referral

Your whole life could be transformed by replacing negative emotions and thoughts with healthier patterns

We want you to express your feelings, dreams and needs, find your voice so you can speak up in any situation, make your needs number one, believe you are enough, have the courage to take risks and feel confident being yourself in any situation.

Wouldn’t that be awesome!

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Mindfulness mediation classes!

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