Couples Therapy

Healing and Strengthening fyour partnership

We all deserve loving relationships....

I have seen many couples for couples counselling. One couple I treated had been married for over 20 years and had long standing issues. The woman was ready to give up but the man wanted to make it work. We spent a lot of time working on communication skills especially around how to talk to you partner about what displeases you about their behaviour. We used one of my favourite techniques called 'the sandwich' which is where the' bread' is something nice you say to your partner and the 'filling' is your grievance. The idea is to soften your grievance with appreciation on both sides. They absolutely loved this technique and used it often and even shared it with their teenage children who also loved it. After several months of working on softening their patience and communication with each other they began to see and improvement after years of struggling to get along. They then thanked me so much for helping them.

I have also seen younger couples for counselling around communication. They want to discover whether they can get their communication right before they tie the knot and have children. Most couples experiencing issues struggle to communicate effectively and therefore there is misunderstanding between them. this is often because they have never been taught clear effective communication skills or they are not very in touch with their emotions so it is hard to communicate their needs. Often I can act as an interpreter to get one person's point across to their partner whilst also helping them with communication for the longer term so they don't need me any more!!!

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