Business Coaching

Are you tired of working for others or sick of the poor opportunities for employment in the current field of psychology?
Do you dream of having your own thriving practice where you have to answer to no one but yourself?

Imagine you can set your own prices, hours, colleagues, workplace, get away from bureaucracy etc.

When I finished university I decided I wanted to work in private practice for the flexible hours which suited my lifestyle as a new parent. I was able to start slowly and build up as I had more and more energy after recovering from sleep deprivation and child birth.

I tried a lot of traditional marketing strategies that fell flat on their face, until I invested in some business coaching which taught me what I really needed to do to get things up and running. I learnt about on and offline marketing strategies that got the phone ringing. I am now up and running and have been featured in the media in publications such as the Huffington Post, Living Now and Elle as well as radio and TV.

Four and a half years into my journey I have been contacted by colleagues wanting to start their practice and asking for advice. This is why I am setting up these training sessions. There is a lot of business coaching available but very little is actually run by psychologists who have done it themselves.

So if you are keen to get started the first step to building the practice of your dreams is to meet me for a coffee where you can share your goals with me (no charge for this). Then if you are keen after this, we can set up a program based around your specific goals and budget.

So if you are keen to set this up call me on 0433 374 031.

Can’t wait to start helping you achieve your dreams!

Honor xx

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