15 minute phone or skype consult FREE.

We can talk through your issue and what you want to achieve

Strategy session $49.00 (Skype or face to face) up to 90 minutes.

Lets talk about what you need and I’ll design an individualized treatment plan for you with recommendations included.

Pay as you go psychology consult (50 minutes)


Medicare rebate: $85.00

Gap payment: $95.00

Full time student or health care card holder:


Medicare rebate $85.00

Gap payment: $55.00

Women’s group: (2 hours)

In person


Medicare rebate: $21.65

Gap payment: $23.35

12 week Perfectionism Program:

Includes 12 individual sessions, 3 group sessions, a handbook, 6 weeks of workbooks, a journalling app, between session support, video session options..


Medicare rebate: $850.00

Gap payment: $1510.00

12 week Postnatal depression Treatment program:

Includes 12 individual sessions 3 group sessions, a journalling app, between session support and a handbook


Medicare rebate: $850.00

Gap payment: $1510.00

Payment Plans Available.

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