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Do you avoid things that challenge your comfort zone?

“ Fortune favours the bold” – Latin Proverb

Life challenges. We all have them right? It is part of being human. However, it is so easy and tempting to run away from a challenge rather than deal with it. This is because this avoidance temporarily makes life easier.  You don’t have to have that difficult conversation with your mother in law, you don’t need to think about that stressful assignment you need to do, or that scary talk you have to perform. Yes avoiding it makes it go away. But there is a HUGE cost in the long run which is missing out on the growth and freedom that lies on the other side of that discomfort.   Women need to be comfortable with being uncomfortable some of the time.

Wouldn’t it be brilliant if we could get into a mindset where we were actively able to face fears every single day? Wouldn’t it be incredible where our life would go?  This thought really illuminates how much hiding we all do. Think about all the things we worry about:

What people will think, will they think we are………fill in the blank (crazy, stupid, desperate, dumb, weird, unrespectable etc).  We spend soooo much time letting other people control our lives with these worries but at what cost? What are we missing out on with these fears…Following our dreams and passions that’s what!! What if you just said: Who cares!!  What I want to do and achieve in my life is actually more important than what anyone thinks. What if you priortizsed what you wanted to do above all else? Your life would be unrecognisably free! Its simple in theory but not so easy in practice as we all want approval. The funny thing is if you do what you need to do for you some people will approve and some won’t. Same as if you try and please everybody. Funny how it is really a no brainer. Yes if you follow your dreams some won’t get it and think you are crazy and you may get rejected and fail at times but you will achieve so much more of what you want and this will make you a happier person.

Love Honor xx

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Do you believe you are not good enough in life?

Women often believe they are not good enough

This little nasty belief lies at the centre of everything – I’m not good enough. This belief creates nearly every single symptom of distress women experience.  It is as if we in the West, despite all our material luxuries , are experiencing a low self -esteem epidemic.   So many of our symptoms, unhelpful behaviours and self sabotages stem from this one simple belief.

There are so many influences and assaults on our self -concept – the parenting we experienced, the educators we are exposed to, the media, our gender role, our culture…these all send powerful and often subliminal messages to our emerging self -concept from a very early age and continue quite relentlessly well into our lives without us quite realizing the full impact on us until we wake up one day feeling like there is something missing. Or everything just turns to shit and we don’t know why, or we just keep stuffing everything up.

So how might this low self -esteem show up in day to day life? I’ll give you an example:

Misty wakes up to the sound of her alarm blaring. Her first thought is – oh I don’t want to face another day of work bleugh…She reluctantly gets up and starts what she feels is the daily ‘grind’. At work she whinges with other colleagues about how it sucks that it is Monday.  All day at work she’s clock watching for 5pm when she can get out. But once she’s out there’s not much joy either, nothing to look forward to really, just a brief interlude before she’s back at work the next day.

How many people do you know operate like this?  To me it is tragic. What about if when Misty opened her eyes, she felt excited and inspired by another new day and couldn’t wait to get started on her new projects?  Because she’d cared about herself enough to follow her passions and give them an outlet. Rather than staying in a job she hates and feeling like every day is a chore.

This is just one of many examples of how this core belief can filter down and impact our life on a practical level making it feel dull and lifeless.

The good news is, if we can change this belief within ourselves we can create massive amounts of change in our lives. Could you take one micro-action – say to stand in front of the mirror every day and say to your reflection: I am enough. And just see how your life changes…

Love Honor xx

The Confident, Calm and Connected Woman

When you enter therapy you might feel miserable, desperate and alone.  There may be a sense of failure that you have to do this. But you are in for a pleasant surprise, because although the journey through won’t be smooth sailing, the benefits you will experience will be incredible. Not only will you feel so much better about everything in your life and within yourself, you will learn so much! And this learning is something you can use to help others for the rest of your life.  You will be able to connect to others in a way that you couldn’t before because of how you have changed and what you have learned.  Instead of being stressed and anxious so much of the time, you will feel at peace with things and confident to take the steps forward and to do the things you want to do in your life.  Also if you see the process through to completion it is unlikely you will need medication such as anti-depressants or Valium.  You’ll be able to live a drug free life which is so much better for your body.

A message for young girls about self esteem and body image by Honor Newman

The teenage years can be a self- conscious time and we all want to look our best.  It also seems like the prettiest girls get all the fun, opportunities, boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, invitations etc.

I agree that it is good to spend some time and effort on grooming and looking good. It can be really fun to read through fashion magazines and try out different looks. I still do and its one of my favourite things!

However when its stops becoming fun and starts being a constant stress or even an obsession then something has gone wrong. Worrying too much and obsessing over our appearance is a really miserable way to be.

And here’s the thing – other people notice a lot more about what is going on inside you than you might think.  You can’t cover these insecurities up with clothes and make up unfortunately.  How we feel inside affects the way we come across to others  and how they react to us.  People generally respond positively to positive, confident people and negatively to insecure, negative people.  It is that rule  – like attracts like!

Over my life so far what I have seen is that the girls and women that come across as the most attractive and receive the most – invitations, relationships, friends etc are the ones that know how to tap into their feminine/girl power – and that means having  high self -esteem.  As a rule of thumb most people generally find people with high self -esteem irrestistable.

So what is high self -esteem for a girl?  I believe it is a combination of qualities and actions.

Firstly, I think it is about looking after yourself in terms of eating well, exercising and saying no to things that don’t feel right. It is also about  supporting  friends when they are struggling,  giving compliments to others, having your own hobbies and fun things to do, being able to have some alone time and enjoy that, and having some goals you want to achieve in life that you work towards.

It is not about dropping everything to be with a potential love interest or saying nasty things behind people’s backs – they generally find out you know!!

The personality qualities that I think makes a girl/woman beautiful are:

Compassion: showing kindness to a person who is suffering.

Poise – good manners and good grooming. Staying calm and keeping a level head in stressful situations.

Mystery – not giving too much away too fast, before you know people well and not dumping every problem on people all the time. Intrigue and less information is very attractive.

Confidence – looking after yourself, not putting up with poor treatment from others and walking with pride.

Good health – radiating that healthy glow!

Intelligence – having your own mind and opinions about issues

Assertiveness – speaking up when you need to.

These qualities radiate an incredible glow around a girl that makes her extremely attractive to others. And the good thing is – they are in your power to work on.  You can give less away about yourself in the beginning of a relationship, you can hold off on having sex in a relationship for a while, you can cultivate your mind through reading books and current affairs and looking at the arts in galleries, plays etc  you can look after your health, you can show compassion to others. Your beauty is in your control.

What’s not attractive/beautiful:

Going along with the crowd no matter what,

not having your own mind,



obsession with the superficial

I know you probably want to be the best looking girl in every situation but for 99% of us, there will always be someone better looking, so what about stepping out of the competition and loving the unique you? There is no one else like you and that is so special.

I wrote this letter to my 16 year old self to tell me what the now me would like to say to the then me. I thought I’d share it with you:

Dear me,

I know it’s a really tough time right now, you really like this boy but you don’t know if he likes you back. Your parents don’t understand you and other girls can be really mean.  But you need to remember that you are wonderful.  You have so many amazing qualities – you see people for who they really are and you have compassion for their struggles. Things that seem huge right now are either things you will get through and won’t mean anything in a few years or they will define you for life.  It’s all part of the experience of life.  And sometimes when things are tough it is just about putting one foot in front of the other and moving through the grey time until the clouds pass.

You are going to have amazing experiences in life with travel, university, lovers, and then you will get married and have beautiful children. They will be so beautiful they will make your heart explode and you will wonder how you existed without them.

 Yes there will be pain and heartbreak along the way, but so many of your dreams are going to come true because you are the type of person that has the courage to pursue them. Never forget you are unique and special to the world because of that. You have gifts to offer the world that no one else can offer in the same way, because they are not you.  You will meet people who can see the beautiful light in you and those are the people you keep in your life.  Those are the people that love you. Demand that others treat you with love and care.  That is the most important thing,  that self -respect.

 I love you,

 Enjoy the journey,

Love me.

City girls goes back to the city…

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a city girl born and bred.. You know the deal, grew up in Hawthorn, private school and University of Melbourne educated uber privileged lifestyle etc But all this priviledge didn’t stop me from being touched by mental health issues. Hence wanting to be a psychologist. Anyway, you’d think being a city girl I’d have no problem going to work in Collins street. That’s why I cried for half of the trip on their yesterday. After being close to home in the hills for the past 10 years to be there for my children, making this choice has been a huge mental shift for me and massively daunting, especially when I have to build the practice up from scratch. So my trip in yesterday was purely about facing this fear. And I want to be a role model for you because so many women struggle with fears around following their dreams. I want you to look at me and think, if she can do it, so can I… The world needs you to follow your dreams so you can share your gifts with the world

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My fear of cold calling and what I did about it

Cold calling. Talk about facing fears. It ranges from one of my pet hates to something that terrifies me stupid. But its one of the best ways to start up a business, a necessary evil. So opening up a new location in Collins street, after being in the Hills for 5 years, has been intimidating to say the least. Because I know I have to do THAT again. Noooo my insides scream at the thought. But I bite the bullet and do it with mixed results. In one sitting I get one no, a few maybes, put onto someones database, plus a date to visit a yoga centre and meet the staff and look around.


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