About Honor

My story

After experiencing depression as a teenager and especially severely in my 20s I’ve dedicated my life to learning how to heal in every area of life – including health, wealth, love and happiness.  I’ve seen my life and those of clients transform as there has been shifts in limiting beliefs and traumas from of my mind and body.

I went from living in a falling down share house with no partner and no job to owning a gorgeous four bedroom home with amazing views, a great career as a psychologist and coach, great friends and 2 beautiful children.

Where ever you are stuck in your life it can be shifted!  No rut is too great to overcome and I’m living proof. So if you are unhappy in one or more of the main areas of life you may like to have an initial session with me. This will help determine whether you are the right fit to undertake one of my programs.

Currently I’m consulting via Skype or at my home office in Ferntree Gully.

You can contact me in the following ways:

phone or text 0433 374 031

E: honor@honornewman.com






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