sex sells

Do you get stuck at a certain point or income level and can’t move any higher?
do you go up and down with your finances?
are you cash poor asset rich ?
I’m sure a lot of you are confused about how to improve your financial situation and are curious to know more. And yes there is the practical stuff you know about like actually paying attention to your money and what you are doing with it etc but there’s a lot more to it than that.
Im sure you have heard of wealthy people that even if they lose fortunes they can get rich again really quickly? or people that win the lottery and cannot handle it and end up poor again…?
because its like anything its about whether you can sustain it over the long term…if you can make 5k but you blow it the next day you are never going to be wealthy.
So it makes sense that being wealthy is about mindset – how much money you can attract but also can you consistently maintain your wealth..?
ALL of this is to do with how you show up in the world…
you are either a magnet to money or you aren’t…
The truth is – the more you work on yourself and dump your insecurities in the trash the better because removing your insecurities makes you charismatic and frankly more sexy
and we all know sex sells
its completely fucking true
the sexier you are the more money you will make
so many people are cut off from their sexuality they don’t know how to own it and work it
but your sexuality is magentic, once you own it you’ll walk into a room and get treated like a celeb
celebs are celebs because they are sexy and charismatic and usually RICH
People will literally start wanting to jump you, give you things, and even call you a celebrity
It all starts with inner work.
If you would like to book a session with me to identify where you are blocked financially my one on ones are $250. I will show you what you need to release to start money flowing to you again.
If you’d like to take the 3 month journey with me 1:1 where I give you the tools to manifest money with ease through helping you see where your subconscious blocks are o you can have ANYTHING you want…. how fucking good would that be
this is 5k.
Pm me to apply

sex sells

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