Everything is interconnected

Ever heard that everything is interconnected?

Well it’s true. We often live under the false assumption it’s us vs the rest of the world. But that’s wrong. We are a part of nature just like a tree the sky or a flower. And our mind is connected to our body also, so physical ailments are related to mental thought patterns.

Life is meant to flow easily. Like a flower growing from a seed to maturity with full bloom. If it doesn’t we may wonder why- does it have what it needs?

If things aren’t flowing it’s a health problem.

If you aren’t in abundance there’s things that need heàling.

The universe nature and you are all in relationship. The universe responds to what you are vibrating, saying, feeling.

If you feel stuck your life will be stuck

Depression is the bodies way of slowing you down to see what’s not working inside you. To change unhelpful ways of thinking or to heal trauma.

If you feel deep inside you something it will happen.

For example, the harassment I went through last year precipitated a full life crisis, it cleared out every thing and made way for a new beginning. I lost my job and my relationship it re-triggered another trauma that I could release. I had nothing I was in counseling and it was scary. But the universe provided enough money for me to get by and free counselling.

I knew if I stuck to the counseling things would change.

I announced a new beginning. And bang I got a new incredible job just like that. Cos I felt it deep in my soul and the universe responded because it’s part of me.

That’s how powerful you can be.

Id love to help you get that powerful.

Work with me 1:1 for a month, investment $1000. This is a rare opportunity we can have a session every day for a.month for this price as I want you to get results. It’s basically free with a referral as you’ll get $860 back from medicare. One spot available for the first person to apply.
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