How to reach great heights!

 I am really passionate about helping people get to their full potential in life. yeah yeah you say you’ve hear that before…
BUT, hear me out…
After working as a psychologist for many years Id see people leave therapy after an initial crisis had settled down or their life was stable, which was great for them and rewarding for me,
BUT, I wondered, what would happen if they kept going? if they kept working on themselves past the crisis, what could they achieve then? I became fascinated with the topic of why some humans reach great heights and others don’t.
Most people get nowhere near their full potential due to ego.mindset blocks, low self esteem, self sabotage or just no awareness that they can go further.
So I used myself as a guinea pig to see how far i could go in life. It became an experiment.
I realised there was a whole heap of internal stuff blocking me from the success i really wanted in the form of wrong thinking and negative experiences i had stored inside me.
I started the process of letting go of this stuff and i started firstly to feel better, and then I’d usually get a great job (I’ve done this a couple of times) and a new relationship.
Every time I’d try on the outside to change things nothing worked, but as soon as I started letting go of things internally my whole life would improve – financially, health-wise and in the love department.
I realised the key to getting more was through letting go.
So i have created the money, love and sex program to help you let go of the internal things that are blocking you in your health, finances and love life.
In the last week I have literally manifested 2 million dollars worth of value. – including and entire private school education for both my children, a million dollar apartment and a 100k job – I start on Monday. In this middle of this COVID crisis too boot!
If you’d like help to shift these blocks in yourself to start getting more, get my Early Bird price for the Money Love and Sex 6 week program at $999 until April 15.
After this date I will double the price to $2000.
Includes 6 weeks of modules on how to release blocks to abundance.
Weekly group call to work through blocks with others
Private facebook community support
DM me to sign up.
  • One on one deep dive sessions money mindset assessment where i help you unearth your biggest blocks to wealth can be added for an additional charge.
  • Payment plans available.
  • Partial Medicare rebates available for group and individual sessions
  • Check with your private health insurance fund or your employer as they may be able to cover part or all of the cost as this is a well-being program.

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