Month: March 2020

Benefits of isolation

I went into semi lock down just after Christmas, before all this hit.

Things just moved out of my life to give me space for deep healing. As a self proclaimed co-dependent ive always been afraid of being alone but I took this as a challenge.

Being in solitude has taught me a lot –

firstly I realised I really enjoyed it! How fascinating to realise you enjoy something you have been scared of and running away from your whole life! So liberating!

I wanted to get into touch with my intuition and inner voice so I took time off from people, social media and books etc for 24 hours. Id notice a pattern of feeling fine, then bad, then I’d release a stored emotion and then feel fine again, pretty much like what happens in every day life except you have all your responsibilities to deal with on top of this.

With solitude there was just clear space to witness this process of inner release.

I also had full attention for great ideas to surface within me. (Im always down loading ideas to the point its weird when Im not)
Anyway, the universe literally created space for me to go deep – to heal and let go of things I had been carrying for a life time so they weren’t weighing me down any more and to let me move to the next level.

I know I’m on an important global healing mission but I cannot uplevel until I’m strong enough to handle it.

That’s means letting go of a lot of shit that’s not serving me, and a disempowered identity ive been holding on too way too long.
I started to understand who I am at a core, and why my so called ‘perfect’ life – husband, house, kids literally exploded out from under my nose a few years ago.

It was time to move on.

Its time to move on people, time to heal, time to uplevel.

Time to exist in a more enlightened planet. Lets explode through the old paradigm of patriarchy and scarcity.

Its time for a global healing revolution.

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