Would you like to improve your financial situation?

Many of us struggle with money. It  helps to realise it’s a relationship.  You can talk to money, write it a letter.  Say how you feel about it, repair your relationship with it.


Dear Money,

I’ve been feeling a bit abandoned by you lately.

Have I blocked you?

Have I given you mixed messages? I so, I’m sorry.

I’ve had some issues.

I’m working on myself so we can have a better relationship.

Because it would be great to have consistency together, and to support each other to soar to greater and greater heights.

I see you love me and want to support me.

I get scare when you are not around sometimes.

I need to understand you don’t abandon me, its just that sometimes I block you.

Because in interpret the times you flow back as abandonment and I feel hurt and rejected.

I need to understand that you are always there, even if you move back for these short periods.

I need to trust this, its flow like the tide, forward and backward, not abandonment.

You never really leave.

Thank you for everything you ever provided me.

I trust you will always be there I just need to allow you in fully.

It can feel really scary.

So I’ll wait and trust and be happy and enjoy you coming to me and receive you with love an gratitude.

Thank you,

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