I had a dream last night I want to tell you about…

I had a dream last night I want to tell you about.

You see I’ve found this personal development course that i really, desperately want to do next year.

But it costs a lot for me.

I know its what I need and will help me move forward in life.

But I’m struggling to make the commitment and to put myself as a priority over all those bills I have..

but i’m going to find the money, I’m going to find a way

the dream was that i was going to miss out on a spot int his course and i scrambled through all my piles of money and scraped it together just. in. time.

It was terrifying to hand over all that money.

but even more scary was staying stuck where I am for an indefinite amount of time.

That would suck.

So i will trust that i;m in and everything will be ok.

because i need this.

I wanted to share this because as women we can really struggle to make our needs a priority. Even when we hear the siren call. And our heart strings yearning out for something on our journey.

This course is about taking my self esteem to the next level. The one thing holing me back.

I created this space because i wanted women to have a private space to share anything. Its important to have space away from the opposite sex. Just as they need time away from us.

Anyway – what finally made me say YES to this commitment to myself?

Its because I view my personal and spiritual needs as just as important as food shelter air and water.

Rather be homeless and happy than suicidal in a mansion.

Hopefully not that extreme but you get what I mean…

So – I’m gonna Do this!!!!

Even though its terrifying, its an investment in me and my well being. Say yes felt like falling anxiously into the unknown the question in my mind being – will i fail or soar?

but i owe it to myself to try and make things better for me. I’m worth it.

Ive been through too much to let myself down by saying no.

It will help me to be more successful and happier but i have to be willing to take the risk – that leap of faith.

I’m excited.

the more i heal the more life just gets better and better.

What about you?

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