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My aim this year is not to lose weight so much as lose my issues with weight…..

My aim this year is not to lose weight so much as lose my issues with weight because being on the yo- yo diet mill for most of my life frankly I’m sick of it. I’ve thought about it a lot, and yes I have done hypnotherapy, more than once and I don’t know why, but it didn’t work on me, anyway, I think the solution is really the same as it is for most things – Have your ever noticed that the more you chase something the more it runs away? And it is only when you loosen your grip on it and care that little bit less that it starts coming your way? Ever tried to get rid of a some-one you weren’t interested in? Alternatively, were you ever so desperate to be with someone you became completely clingy and turned them off?

With weight loss, I think the focus on what we put in our mouths is the wrong approach. I think we need to start looking more at our attitudes and the way we live. I think I’ve been on the mill because the ‘diets’ were unsustainable and too strict. What I needed was a way of life. So now that is what I am attempting to cultivate for myself. I have a love of cooking and eating beautiful food so I am going to nurture that love. I also love to experiences the highs that come with exercise. That is me – what loving things do you do for yourself that will help your health?

Because it has to come from a loving place or it won’t last.

I have to love me, to care for myself that way. If I punish myself to fit into a dress size it won’t last.
So that’s it, my resolution is to lose my ‘issues’ with weight.

Are you following your own path, or doing what you ‘should’ do?

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