Month: May 2016

A Guide To Establishing Realistic Expectations Of Yourself

It’s exhausting trying to keep up the façade of having your act totally together, while privately dumping on yourself for your perceived inadequacies.

Have you ever made a mistake while engaged in a task and unconsciously called yourself stupid or a jerk?

Australian psychologist Honor Jane Newman is here to help you end that pattern immediately!

In her book, Killing the Perfectionist Within: A Self-Help Guide for Women Suffering from Perfectionism, Anxiety, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Newman takes on these issues both as a practitioner and through the prism of her own journey with anxiety, depression, and the beginning stages of CFS.*

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Do you think you’d like help with your perfectionism?

Are you a woman that puts tons of pressure on yourself to be perfect? Does this cause you anxiety? Are you often tired and burnt out?  Throughout my career to date I have seen many women struggle under the weight of extreme self -pressure and I was one of these women also.  Hi I’m Honor and I’m a psychologist that aims to help women stop being perfectionists and start living more balanced and fulfilling lives.

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I adore the feminine..

I adore the feminine… This is why i do this work… Because the feminine is so fun, sexy, erotic, wild, beautiful …

Honor Talks to radio host Toni Lontis about perfectionism and well-being Don’t miss my high vibe Facebook community  more tools and …