Month: December 2015

Perfect is boring…

Have you ever met a woman who has that je ne sais quoi ? That certain something? Have you felt envious? Well,  I’ll tell you a little secret…that quality is confidence and inner peace that comes with knowing and accepting ones flaws.

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I am so sick of fat…

I am so sick of fat. Even at the ripe old age of 38 you think I’d be over that thing. You know, like worrying about being skinny. I’ve got a partner a career, friends, a house, why do I still care so much about whether or not I have fat? I hate that I care, I hate that I think about it so much still. That this symptom of oppression follows me around whether I go after all my accomplishments and achievements. It’s that extra 5 to 10 kilos that keeps following me around, literally and figuratively.

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Can perfectionism be a good thing?

I’ve talked a lot about the negatives of being a perfectionist, but what about the up sides? Some religions and schools of spiritual thought believe the soul is perfect, and some workplaces value perfectionism as it can help turn out a superior product or service.

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Are you a perfectionist?

Hi all, we are nearly at the end of winter, I can start to smell fresh flowers in the air.  I often feel a little bit re-born when spring comes around as it is a time of new beginnings after the naturally reflective time of winter.

This winter I have been reflecting on what I can offer you in my practice… In this newsletter I often write about the commons themes that are coming up for people in their counselling sessions.   What has been coming up a lot lately is a tendency to be perfectionistic.  This often involves not allowing your-self to make a mistake, having extremely high standards for yourself and feeling anxious and having copious amounts of guilt.   Perfectionism can also cause depression, is a high risk factor for post-natal depression and is something that can be caused by – the way we were parented, our culture and perhaps some traumatic experience you have experienced.  The good news is there is plenty of help available to move past this state.

So I’ll share one tip with you here:  managing guilt:

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