Month: November 2015

Managing the inner perfectionist

So I’m dispensing all this advice on how NOT to be a perfectionist, but how do I myself actually implement these strategies in my own life? Good question. The answer is in many and varied ways. I’ve written some of these into lessons.

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Everybody knows a perfectionist right?

Everybody knows a perfectionist right? He or she is that person that has a lot of pressure on themselves to do everything to an extremely high standard. They can be wonderful but also extremely infuriating to the non-perfectionist. They can be infuriating for a number of reasons. Let me explain:

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sex sells

SEX SELLS Do you get stuck at a certain point or income level and can’t move any higher? do you go up and down with your …

Stop wasting time with airy fairy spiritual shit

If you are stuck in your life- If you are stuck in negative patterns that repeat over and over again or the things you want …

Is life meant to be easy all the time?

s life meant to be easy or difficult? This is an interesting question… some say easy some say nothing good comes easily …