Creative discipline

I read a ton of parenting books in my spare time so I thought I’d share with you part of a chapter I think is fantastic. It is on creative discipline with children. I think it is relevant from at least 18 months of age. Creative discipline is about teaching kids the right way to behave in a positive manner, rather than will the usual: “no don’t do that” or “Stop that” type of technique. In her book Happy Child, Happy home Lou Harvey-Zahra offers 10 creative discipline techniques. I’ll share three here in a brief format.

  1. Ask the Question ‘Why?’ Ask yourself – what is happening for your child when they are acting up. See behaviour as a means of communicating something. Are they tired? Hungry? Needing to slow down? Needing some quality time? Treat the situation a bit like a puzzle that needs to be worked out. Try to fulfil the child’s need.
  2. Redirection: the best way if a child is displaying a behaviour that is inappropriate redirect it into a safe and positive play experience. For example, a 5 year old is running inside at a social gathering. Redirect the action of running: ‘Can you run to that three and back three times in the garden? I will watch from the window. Outside is a great place to run’.
  3. Change the environment as well as redirecting the children’s inappropriate behaviour, change the environment. For example, a child doesn’t want to get in the car. You can change the environment in the car. Hang a mobile and buy some special car pockets for favourite toys and new special books that are just for car journeys. Also remember to ask why, does your child need a break from driving everywhere for a day or two?

Other techniques include:

  • Say no in a different way
  • Games and giggles
  • The power of praise
  • Giving children a positive role
  • Parents a role models
  • Clever choices
  • Quiet Removal

You may wish to pick up a copy of this book to read more. I’m also going to be running a creative discipline workshop a bit later in the year (September 7). Hope you enjoyed this and have a beautiful day.

Love and light, Honor

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